CRG JHELUM-Citizen Relations Group


Partners in Project:

Since its inception, CRG has accomplished a range of projects and studies in its mandated areas independently and/or in collaboration of different partners such as USAID, DFID, GTZ, SDPI, FAFEN, Oxfam, Plan, Aurat Foundation and CPDI.

1-CPDI (Centre for peace and development initiatives)

House No 370 ,Street # 75 Sector E-11/3 MPCHS Islamabad

Project and Scope of work:

1-Good Governance

2-Launching of District websites

3-District Level Budget consultation at district Jhelum and Chakwal

4- ACP Active Citizen Participant’s trainings in Colleges.

5-Launched CNIC Campaign in urban areas and facilitate to peoples in making CNIC.

5- Conduct Trainings of Police Department Jhelum regarding safety and policing reforms.

6- Launched RTI (Right to information ) banners Campaign ,conduct Seminars at district level.

2- AIM (Active Involvement and Motivation)

Railway Road Pind Dadan Khan (Pakistan)

 Project and Scope of work:

  • Take a Child to School (TACKS) Monitoring and verification of Enrolled children enrolled by AIM Organization.
  • Facilitate partners in Health Project Mother and Child care.
  • Facilitate Partners in Project Human Rights

3-Rafa-e- Aama (Organization)

Railway Road Pind dadan Khan

Project and Scope of work:

1-Facilitate Partners in Human Rights Project

2-Water Plantation and Provision of Clean drinking water

3-Labor Rights and Issues of labour in Pakistan

Facilitation Projects with Govt Departments:

District Health Department:

1-Launched awareness campaign regarding Dengue,Polio

District Education Department:

1-Launched awareness campaign for OOSC (Out of School Children)

District Election Commission Department:

1-Launched awareness campaigns ,Voter education ,Voter Registration ,


Currently CRG has ten permanent staff members who include the director, deputy director, manager admin and finance, national coordinator, two field coordinators, an administration officer, an accountant, and two members of support staff. The CRG management team also engages several full-time and part-time field staff and coordinators from time to time to carry out desk and field work for different CRG programs and projects.

The CRG management team, headed by director, is the main decision-making body of the Institute. CRG carries out two types of staff performance evaluations: monthly process evaluations and an annual summative evaluation. Staff promotions and incentives are based on the results of these evaluations.


The group has been working with national and international civil society organizations for the last five years. Besides having conducted extensive field research, the institutes has vast experience of holding training workshops, focus group discussions and seminars with journalists and media practitioners and civil societies activists. We have expertise in;

  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Capacity Building
  • Communication
  • Community Participation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Conducting Field surveys
  • Community engagement at grass-root level
  • Media
  • Research
  • Service Delivery
  • Social mobilization

Our Presence and Network:

  • District Jehlum
  • District Gujrat,
  • District Mandi Bhaudin
  • District Chakwal